About Emily’s Project

kaminski-family-08_editedThe Emily at Emily’s Project is me, Emily Kaminski.  I’m a teacher turned frugal stay-at-home mom who filled a simple prescription one day and came home with an idea.  I went to the pharmacy not expecting a large bill.  After all, I have insurance.  My husband and I pay dearly for our health insurance, and so I was very surprised and annoyed to be told at the pharmacy that my insurance designated my prescription as tier 3 and wouldn’t even begin to help until the cost was $60.  Once I called my insurance and figured out what “tier 3” and “formulary” meant, I got curious and called several local pharmacies just to see what their “cash price” was.  I assumed that prescriptions would be about the same everywhere so I was really shocked to find that my prescription was $37 cheaper at another pharmacy.  I started to wonder how many more people were victims of assuming prices were about the same everywhere.   So I’ve created a site that gives people a place to compare prices of prescriptions.  Much of the content is already available so check it out at www.emilysproject.com Please leave your feedback and join us too.  Thanks!


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  1. Dordzhi

    Why don’t we, or why it is not possible to make a health care like in Canada,or any other country, government run, and without inflated private doctor’s prices and services, or its it wrong path for American system since its based on other model unlike EU,Canadian, etc.Actually I don’t know much about EU system , but Canada appeals to me.Paying more taxes,but having free medical care,that’s not bad at all.But who knows whether will anyone agree to pay around 45% of theirs earnings just to have a insurance or not insurance since it becomes default medical care.Or whether it should be funded thru govermnment,againg using taxes.We faced with dillema, if not a problem.